Self Care = Self Love

SELF-CARE: This is non-optional! Schedule your self-care and then plan your day around it. Self-care are those things that fill you up & nourish you whether it is doing your choice of exercise–making sure some of it is gentle; preparing and enjoying (KEY!) your meals; meditating, praying or journaling; getting your massages/bodywork, getting outside to soak up some sun… The list goes on. Your needs are IMPORTANT. There’s no need to ask for permission because that’s giving our power away. With our self-care there is NO hurry and NO guilt. Take care of YOU!

Dannee Rodriguez


Licensed Massage Therapist & More. Massage is my passion and purpose! I am in continual AWE of the body~mind~spirit connection! Adventures make my heart jump up and down with excitement! I use the word LOVE a lot. I'm am very heart-centered and when I say it, I mean it. Namaste!

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