At the beginning of this year I packed my bags and headed out on an incredible adventure. I flew the very familiar route across the Atlantic Ocean, to one of my favorite places on earth, Africa. I want you to feel as if you’ve been to this beautiful place I call my home away from home. So, come take a walk with me and enjoy this small glimpse of Uganda, Africa.

You stop suddenly on the side of the road and gaze at the rolling hills covered in tea leaves. Captured by the beauty of the lush green forests you hardly notice the monkeys chattering and swinging from the branches. Looking out into the distance you see a dense white fog rises from the Rwenzori mountain range.

A little further and you see two small children holding hands, walking lighting on the red dirt roads. Their older brother pushes a bicycle, stacked high with banana stalks.

imageAs you turn off the main road and start walking down a small path between the banana trees you see a mother with a baby tied on her back, working hard in the garden, digging yams. A young girl, outside a small house, lights the charcoal stove, then carefully places a sauce pan filled with beans on top. Her older sister is near by, bent over a basin, hand washing clothes. Walking a little farther, you hear the distant sound of drums, along with children singing. Continuing your journey you see another small mud house, this time with a JjaJa (grandma) sitting on the porch selling rice and other staples, a wide smiles comes across her face as she greets you in her native tongue.


Children wearing hardly any clothes run past you laughing and carrying on as they chase some chickens. Stepping off to the side of the road, 3 to 4 cows slowly trudge pass you, along with the young man insuring they get to the next grazing spot. Wandering down the road you hear exotic birds chirp cheerfully in the background. You stroll pass the local spring where you see yellow jerry cans being filled with water. As you near home, you hear giggles and tiny feet running to greet you, hugging your legs while exclaiming, “Auntie! Auntie! Welcome back!” This my friends, is Africa. Warm, caring, and beautiful.


Kayla Puterbaugh


I'm a native to Kansas and love capturing the raw beauty of nature, here on the Great Plains and also all around the world! I'm a firm believer that you should eat spaghetti on first dates. And it's impossible to go wrong with the colors Caribbean blue or light grey. I live for adventure, love experiencing new cultures and enjoy making friends everywhere I go.

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