Everyone Sees The World Through Different Filters

In a recent trip to southern Utah, dear friends took me to see some petroglyphs . Time, weather and vandals had taken a toll on the rock art, and many of the figures had faded. They were still lovely, however, and I took a few photos before we left.

Later, I was looking at the pictures on my phone, and began playing with photo filters. Some of the filters replaced light with dark (and vice versa) and I was startled by what was suddenly visible. Many figures which had not been evident to the naked eye now took form.

This started me thinking on filters, and how much they affect our view of things.

Geography, family, education, economic status, religion, the list of filters goes on. As we grow, many times our filters shift; age, health, travel, relationships, children, friendships, self study, grief, joy…

Remembering that everyone is seeing the world through different filters, and also that filters can transform has been a gift to me over the past couple of weeks, bringing more understanding, patience and hope. And thus, the filters shift again.

Daisy Nation


Daisy spent many years uncoordinated and alienated from her body. It was in her first Yoga class where the marriage of breath and movement clicked, making her feel comfortable in her own skin for the first time. Yoga became a passion, and when Daisy started studying with Kitty Moore in 2009, she was awakened to the true strength of body and peace of mind available from a fully rounded practice. Daisy received her RYT 200 from Sadhana West in 2014, and took to teaching like the proverbial fish~

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