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You always have the right~

What I know for sure: You ALWAYS have the right to end a relationship if it doesn’t feel safe to you. You also have the right to define your …

What’s your Story~

I want to hear your stories about relationships and sexuality.  Good and bad.  Happy and heavy. When I first started out as a boudoir photographer,…

Living in the Present

Many of us struggle with living in the present. It takes practice, especially at first but it does become easier. Learning to enjoy the moment is t…


She took off her clothes and stepped in front of my camera.  Julie was stripped of everything.  She has been dealing with health issues for over tw…

9 Things I believe

I Believe……. …the boudoir is the most powerful place to be truly provocative. …in showing off confidence the same way you w…

6 Steps for Change

Change is hard. Lost habits, the security of knowing and understanding gone, the familiar network of people, places and things no longer there. Mos…

Emanating Love

I laid my hand gently upon you. I summoned all the energy I had to try to convey without words the love that was emanating from my palm. I willed m…


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