Rare and Beautiful Soul

My fingers trembled, touching you for the first time, not out of fear, but out of the intensity of the energy. You flinched slightly, not out of fear, but out of the intensity of the energy that was jumping from my fingertips. I laid my hand gently upon you. I summoned all that I had to try to convey without words the love that was emanating from my palm. I willed my focus to tell you silently, that you were home. My deepest desire was to invite you under the blanket of grace, purity and comfort. I felt your muscles tense. I saw in your eyes the unending abyss of a rare and beautiful soul. The universal click was deafening, and I felt a moment of panic. I realized, what I saw in you, was the reflection of me. A tethered soul, waiting for the release. The ties that bound us both, with one fluid movement were released. As the oppressive rope slipped off, I waited for you to bolt. You did not. My flight instinct is such a part of my own makeup, perhaps I feared mine more than yours.

DandeLyon Vredenburg

Owner ~ Writer ~ Yoga Teacher

DandeLyon is an artist with a camera, a magical writer, a beautiful yogini, a brilliant mother, and a lover of horses and people. In healing from a massive hemorrhagic stroke, she found that it is her imperfections that make her perfect. TheShiney is her story.

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