27 Ways to be Irresistibly Attractive~

Smiling, I found myself deeply attracted to this article!  The common sense wisdom is abundant!  Love yourself~ It all starts there.  

“The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others”~Deepak Chopra

It is impossible to be liked by everybody.  Whatever we do, there will be somebody who will disagree with us. But being attractive to others is a desire we all have. What we don’t realize many times is that we may loose our essence when we play a role just to try to make ourselves likable and attractive to everyone.

What we don’t know is that only when we see ourselves as lovable and focus on our own authentic qualities, ideas and values, we release the pheromones of being attractive to others.

See below what you should do to be naturally attractive:

  1. Adopt your own philosophy, values and interests instead of accepting blindly those of your family, religion or culture.
  2. Get rid of your need for validation. Accept others opinion, but act according to your values.
  3. Let yourself leaded by instincts and be ready to experience new things.
  4. Don’t judge and criticize others. Learn to deal with difficult people without diminishing yourself.
  5. Really listen what people have to say. You may learn something from anybody.
  6. Don’t let unresolved matters in your life. Restore your integrity if necessary, even if you have to ask for forgiveness.
  7. Respect yourself by embracing a healthy lifestyle: consume healthy food and exercise daily.
  8. Don’t wait for miracles to happen, cause things to become real with enthusiasm.
  9. Show your respect and love to others with facts, not only by words.
  10. Find the best in people. Help them to reveal their qualities.
  11. Talk about your needs in a relationship. Don’t make compromises just to keep peace.
  12. Make a habit from talking inspiring, motivating and encouraging.
  13. Don’t take life so seriously and try to create fun and joy around you.
  14. Don’t gossip and don’t share information for the feeling of power or intrigue.
  15. Avoid complaining. Better ask directly what you want from someone.
  16. Don’t run away from problems. Deal with them immediately.
  17. Avoid arguments. Walk away if you consider that healthy communication is not possible.
  18. Don’t force others to accept your help. Be available and give help only when asked.
  19. Learn to say no. Say yes only when you really want to say yes.
  20. Share your gratefulness feelings with others. Show them that you are happy to have them in your life.
  21. Don’t hurt people by trying to make them feel bad about their actions or feelings.
  22. Offer even more than you promise.
  23. Don’t try to control your relationships and don’t be dependent or co-dependent. Relationships should be mutually uplifting and satisfying.
  24. Be reasonable. Don’t diminish others and offer acknowledgment and power when it is needed.
  25. Accept your flaws and failures, but don’t let them define you.
  26. Learn constantly, but don’t parade your intelligence or superior knowledge.
  27. Life your life now. The present moment is the most important, make it the best and don’t wait to be happy in an uncertain future.


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