The Secret to Making Friends is No Secret

For some making friends comes natural and for others it can be a struggle.

If you just smile and strike up a conversation you can be well on your way to an unexpected friendship.

Over a year ago, while I was sitting in Thise Entebbe airport I met one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”.  His story was heart breaking and inspiring.  He shared with me that when he was only a child, he was ripped away from his family.  He was scared of the war that was breaking out and forced to travel to another country.  Years later this man was reunited with his family. I will never forget one short,but powerful sentence he said to me.

“You are not poor. You have a home and you have your family that makes you very rich.”

Although, I’ve never seen him again, he was a good friend to me that day. Sometimes friendship may only be a memory but other times they last.

Not long after my return to the U.S., I was working at local coffee shop and I simply asked a lady what book she was reading.  The next thing you know, we were best friends.

The secret  to making friends is easy. Look for opportunities today to make a friend. You won’t won’t regret it, I promise.

Be yourself, be kind, be authentic. Smile at strangers. Ask questions then listen. Never be afraid share your story. And last but not least, Love well.

Kayla Puterbaugh


I'm a native to Kansas and love capturing the raw beauty of nature, here on the Great Plains and also all around the world! I'm a firm believer that you should eat spaghetti on first dates. And it's impossible to go wrong with the colors Caribbean blue or light grey. I live for adventure, love experiencing new cultures and enjoy making friends everywhere I go.

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