The Non Definition of Your Yoga and Mine too

What is the definition of Yoga? How about we start with the non definition? Yoga is not absolute, rigid, or a set religion.  It is varying practice for all bodies!  Yoga, my yoga, a self contained sanctuary with the union of myself.   Tell me, what does your yoga feel like?  It can be a very private affair, infusing your own sacred thoughts, movements and breath work; conversely, it can be a very fun, light hearted  and community activity.

There are millions of people who practice yoga, each with their own variation, unique unto themselves.

If you have not tried it, you may be one of the very few that have not experienced the unlimited benefits.  Perhaps, now is the time!

The defining piece of  Yoga is that it combines the mind, the body and the spirit. This allows yoga to create a space for holistic wellness,  therefore a place to heal and grow.  The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga are all encompassing, incredibly powerful and intoxicating.

Yoga is simply defined as a union, to unite or to yoke. In addition,  it unites our postures with our breath and our practice with our lives, and as a result, it also creates a union with the community and those we practice with.

It is my belief that uniting with yourself is paramount for mindful and joyful living.

The unity then extends itself outward to your partner, children, family, friends, in addition to and all the people you come into contact with.  This Creates an indelible imprint and positive action.

This beautiful and ancient gift of yoga was never meant to be exclusive, belonging to one person or a specific group of individuals; that in itself would be “un-yogic.”

Yoga is inclusive, meaning that ALL are welcome no matter what walk of life you come from.  That is part of the gift of yoga.  It is a safe, judgement free zone, in addition to the acceptance of yourself.   There is no membership to yoga, no rules or barriers.  Come as you are, leave as you need to be.

I want to stress, most noteworthy, Yoga is not a religion!  It is a philosophy, an approach to every aspect of your life.  Ideas such as kindness, stillness, acceptance, and love are all part of the practice.  It is nonsectarian, however, in addition, contains the ability to deepen anyone’s faith.

Aspects of yoga have been incorporated into many groups and various organizations, including religions, for thousands of years.  However, yoga is not a religion in and of itself, nor do you have to be religious to practice yoga.  The practice of yoga, meditation and times of stillness is used to reflect on self enlightenment, hence,  your own definition of worship.  Finally, one of the most beautiful aspects of yoga is it GIVES to you, it does not take!


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