Shiney Strength, Grace and the Power of Healing

The universe works in amazing ways.  Tonight, I had the pleasure to visit via chat with Mr. Somerville as he shared his story about Emily, is 9 year old adopted daughter.  Her story is unbelievable.  The heartache and trials are balanced with hope, healing and love.  I can feel his unwavering strength and fortitude though his words.

The dialogue opened as a result of sharing our real life experiences.

This is an example of the beauty that can happen when people open up and are vulnerable and honest in their communication and experiences.  A space for compassion and grace is created, and echoes far beyond the screen. This is the true purpose of The Shiney, to celebrate real people, the ones in the trenches of real life.  The people showing up with kindness and love.  Below is his comment posted on our Twice As Shiney facebook page and the link to Emily’s story.

“God sends us on amazing journeys that can make us shake our heads. We adopted our now 9-year old daughter who in 2012 had a triple organ transplant. Along our journey we have met many people that otherwise we would never have met. Horses are now a large part of our lives and have been key in Emily’s recovery. She wakes up happy everyday. And for that, we are ever thankful. Thank you for sharing some of your story. Twice as Shiney has been something we read everyday!”

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One Lucky Girl Finds Healing Through Horses





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