Strength Has Always Been My Go To~

Strength has always been my go to; a strategically crafted brick wall that I hide in during trying times. Do I need anyone to bring anything to the dinner I am cooking for 26? Hell no! Do I need help carrying that 90 pound stone bench? Are you crazy, of course not! Do I need a supportive shoulder to lean on? No, I got this, why don’t you lean on my shoulder instead!

This past year has changed all of that.

I am learning to ask for help and to accept it. I am coming to the understanding that offering up your soft underbelly is not a sign of weakness; that trust and surrender requires its own precious might.

And those around me, my family, my friends and my yoga community have responded in their own distinctive, heartfelt buttressing ways, bringing me to the realization that we are all eager for true connection and to be of service.
Don’t be afraid to ask for props.

In yoga practice and in life, props are not a symbol of failing or frailty, rather they are there to bolster us in times of need, allowing us to find and replenish our inner strength.

Daisy Nation


Daisy spent many years uncoordinated and alienated from her body. It was in her first Yoga class where the marriage of breath and movement clicked, making her feel comfortable in her own skin for the first time. Yoga became a passion, and when Daisy started studying with Kitty Moore in 2009, she was awakened to the true strength of body and peace of mind available from a fully rounded practice. Daisy received her RYT 200 from Sadhana West in 2014, and took to teaching like the proverbial fish~

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  1. So on target! It’s hard to ask but then I think – it gives someone else a chance to give – try get the joy of helping! I likewise am thrilled when people choose me to givewhay they need!

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