You’ve Got This~

You’ve Got This~ by Marley Marina

Let us breath in and drink down the positive love and care that we desperately want and need.

Give it to yourself because what are you waiting for?
Every day you go without being present in your body, without choosing to follow your heart, without merely deciding for YOURSELF that right NOW you will make time to say YES, you deny yourself the satisfaction of purely being ALIVE.

What’s the point of complaining?
What’s the point of blaming other things for your current emotional and mental state?
At the end of every single day of your entire life it’s always going to come down to decisions you made and the way you chose to think.
You can either wallow in the small things that get you down or be optimistic and take it as motivation to get you to where you want to be within this world and within yourself.

Let us rise up.

Let us take action.

Let us be positive in every moment that comes our way because if we don’t we choose to make our life harder. You can either flow with the current or swim against it. The choice is yours and no one else’s.


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