DandeLyon Vredenburg

Owner ~ Writer ~ Yoga Teacher

DandeLyon is an artist with a camera, a magical writer, a beautiful yogini, a brilliant mother, and a lover of horses and people. In healing from a massive hemorrhagic stroke, she found that it is her imperfections that make her perfect. TheShiney is her story.


An Epic Place

Lisa Shaul


Lisa is a yoga and meditation teacher, who also specializes in Reiki healing. She loves hiking, music, writing, traveling and being with family and friends. She is an honest forty something woman who speaks her own truth. She believes yoga is for absolutely ANY body and works with all different abilities to help them find their place on and off the mat.

Dannee Rodriguez


Licensed Massage Therapist & More. Massage is my passion and purpose! I am in continual AWE of the body~mind~spirit connection! Adventures make my heart jump up and down with excitement! I use the word LOVE a lot. I'm am very heart-centered and when I say it, I mean it. Namaste!

Kayla Puterbaugh


I'm a native to Kansas and love capturing the raw beauty of nature, here on the Great Plains and also all around the world! I'm a firm believer that you should eat spaghetti on first dates. And it's impossible to go wrong with the colors Caribbean blue or light grey. I live for adventure, love experiencing new cultures and enjoy making friends everywhere I go.

Susan Falyar


Susan spent 12 years as a medic in the US Air Force before discovering a passion for massage therapy and it's healing benefits. She believes fully in the body's ability to heal itself if given proper nutrition, nurturing, meditation and balance. "I love working with women. We spend so much time caring for others in our lives, we often forget about taking care of ourselves. Helping someone relax, reset and recover in a session together, is the greatest gift to me."

Ivona Dixon


As women, we are always in control, and we need a chance to let our hair down. We have strength in our soul and confidence in our being. I believe we need to give ourselves space to let go of the many roles we play in our daily lives and to surrender to ourselves. As a boudoir photographer and now skincare consultant, my passion is working with empowered women.

Daisy Nation


Daisy spent many years uncoordinated and alienated from her body. It was in her first Yoga class where the marriage of breath and movement clicked, making her feel comfortable in her own skin for the first time. Yoga became a passion, and when Daisy started studying with Kitty Moore in 2009, she was awakened to the true strength of body and peace of mind available from a fully rounded practice. Daisy received her RYT 200 from Sadhana West in 2014, and took to teaching like the proverbial fish~

Beth Any Cole

My position-is this referring to my philosophical stance?

Bethany is a fierce and loving mother of two smart, witty, compassionate, spirited children. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and does competitive jujitsu 5 days a week. Bethany lives in Washington, but her home and her heart will always belong to- Montana. Those Montana stars, those mountains, those rivers and hidden lakes, the trails, the creeks, the caves- the raw, dry beauty- there will never be another home or another love as enrapturing for Bethany as Montana.

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